Каритативная (христианская) социальная работа как профессия и социальные науки


Prof., Dr.philol. Skaidrīte Gūtmane; Assoc.prof., guest professor Norbert Hark (Germany); Dr.theol. Astra Dannenfelte; Assistant prof., Mag.theol. Dace Dolace;  Valters Dolacis.

In research there are involved teachers and students of Study program of Caritative Social Work

Cooperation partners in research of Caritative Social Work:

  • Leuven Social Work College (Belgium)
  • Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology (Germany)
  • Klaipeda University (Lithuania)
  • DIAK – Diaconia Polytechnic (network of 7 universities) (Finland)
  • EURODIACONIA – Deacony networking organization of in Europe
  • EZA – European Center for Workers’ Questions (European Commission, Germany)
  • IDC – Internationales Diakonatszentrum – International Deaconate Center (Germany)
  • IMH Institute of Mental Health, Semmelweis University (Hungary)
  • Kolpingo University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania)
  • Ignatius Loyola College (Lithuania)
  • Russian State Social University (Russia)

Due to cooperation with EZA, there are organized ERASMUS traineeships in Leuven Social Work College, in Caritas work centre RENOVABIS, as well in 7 deaconal DIAK universities in Finland.

Study and methodical aids in Caritative Social Work:

S. Gūtmane, D. Dolace. Methodological issues of Caritative Social Work, LCA, 2010 (in Latvian)

K. Kiessling, G. Dišlers. Radical crisis: problems and solutions, LCA, 2010 (in Latvian)

K. Kiessling. “Love greets You…” Articles on deaconal culture. LCA, 2014

LCA Scientific Proceedings No.2. European Social Development, 2009

LCA Scientific Proceedings No.4. Innovative Content of Caritative Social Work, 2016