Программа ERASMUS реализуется при поддержке Европейской Комиссии.

ERASMUS is a EU educational and learning programme for mobility and cooperation between higher educational institutions throughout Europe with the goal to promote higher education. The programme satisfies the wish of students to visit abroad and study abroad, gives opportunities for academics to work abroad in another university, and it gives an opportunity for staff members to share their experience. In Latvian Christian Academy these opportunities are set by the new Bylaws for ERASMUS mobility (PDF), where the procedure of receiving grants is described.


What are ERASMUS goals?

  • Universities are given an opportunity to develop within the single European context,
  • Academics have an opportunity to enrich their knowledge and share their experience,
  • Envisages students’ exchange between European countries.

In order to become a full-fledged ERASMUS student, the student at LChrA has to meet the following requirements:

  • To be a citizen, permanent inhabitant, resident or non-citizen of Republic of Latvia,
  • To finish successfully the 1st year of studies in one of the study programmes at LChrA,
  • Study or placement duration in the partner university is from 3 to 12 months,
  • Study period abroad is academically fully recognized by LChrA,
  • Content of the study period must be set before departure,
  • After successful completion of the study period in a foreign university Certificate is awarded where both the study content, ECTS volume and evaluation are stated,
  • Full-time students may take part in ERASMUS programme only once.

ERASMUS programme guarantees studies in a foreign university free of charge and ERASMUS grant covers all accommodation expenses abroad during the study period. ERASMUS grants assigned by the Euro Commission to Latvian students vary from 300 to 500 € p/month and depend on the target state. If expenses go beyond the maximum of the assigned grant, they have to be covered by own savings.

When student is studying abroad LChrA charges study his or her tuition fee as well as both the payment of the state grant and study credits are active during that period.

What do ERASMUS students benefit?

  • Study courses mastered abroad are enlisted in the LChrA study programme,
  • Students receive grant from the ERASMUS programme,
  • Students find new friends and get acquainted with culture and traditions in other countries,
  • Strengthens knowledge of foreign languages.

Diploma of Latvian Christian academy has been awarded the EC Diploma Supplement Quality label!

Diploma issued by Latvian Christian academy has been awarded with the quality hallmark of the European Commision executive agency EACEA (Diploma Supplement Quality Label) in january, 2014. The decision was made following criteria prescribed by the document “ECTS DS Guidelines for applicants”.